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Mi nombre es Adonis Nuñez y estas líneas son en referencia al señor Elvis Rodriguez. Primero que nada, me gustaría decir que el señor es un excelente profesional en el campo de las ventas, así como un maestro en toda la extensión de la palabra. Recibí los cursos y el entrenamiento con el y los resultados han sido impresionantes. El tiene conocimiento de muchas herramientas de ventas, total dominio del trabajo con clientes y para resumir me gustaría decir que sería una invaluable oportunidad trabajar a su lado.

Si usted quiere aprender de un excelente maestro en ventas, hágalo de la mano del señor Elvis Rodriguez

Adonis Nuñez
Sales Associate

Hello everyone,

"I was working for Coral Springs Honda as a Sales Specialist for 8 months and selling around 20 cars a month when Mr. Elvis Rodriguez from Fast Sales Training Center came aboard to help the dealership to grow in sales and help sales associates to become better. Once I met him, we clicked right away because of his professionalism and personality. I started watching him on how he closes every single deal he touches and the way he does it is amazing. So I asked him to train me more so I could get to the next level. He taught me things that I didn't know, for example, the tools to do a successful following up with my customers. Since my training with Elvis, my sales per month increased a lot: I sold, on my first month 36 cars, and on my second month 32 cars! After that, the dealership sent me to finance school and now I'm working in the finance department. I will always be thankful to you Elvis, for teaching me on how to be a much better professional!"


Fabio Rojas
F&I Business Manager

"Elvis' teaching method and courses created by Fast Sales Training Center are the best training I ever received. Through his material, passion, knowledge and support, I now understand the details of the auto sales industry and surely I am a much better professional. Every time I have a new client, I apply all the steps I've learned making my closing ratio better and better. I can say that every top salesperson understand they must learn and train to feel comfortable doing the uncomfortable. I get that confidence from training by the best in the industry."

Joel Baptiste
Sales Associate

"Being a woman in the car sales with no experience was a bit overwhelming at first. I even contemplated quitting. Meeting Elvis was a blessing. His guidance, training and passion for the business really inspired and motivated me. I am proud to say that I've now been in the automobile industry for a year. It was a great decision for my career."

Lisa Tringali
Sales Associate

"I've had the pleasure of working with Elvis Rodriguez for about a year. He is one of the most passionate professional in the auto sales industry I have ever met. With the endless amount of knowledge and experience he has with the auto industry, I feel I learn something new every time speaking with him. The encouragement and support Elvis has shown me has allowed me to become a better car salesman. I pride myself in assisting my clients with the abilities I have today. Thank you Elvis for being you and allowing me to learn from a car guru like yourself"

Farhan Kamal
Sales Associate

"I was in the sales field for 6 years before I started working at Coral Springs Honda. Because it was my first job in the auto sales industry, it was a little intimidating to me. Elvis was my trainer and he taught me the steps of the sale. And thanks to his passion and unique techniques, I am able to apply what I've learned from him in every scenario that I face with different clients. Also, thanks to my training, within 3 months of selling 20+ cars, I was promoted to VIP Manager and now I run my own department with 6 salesman. I apply everyday with my team the same training and wisdom Elvis has shown me. I'm forever grateful and appreciate everything I've learned from Elvis, helping me to be a better leader."

Philip Valles
VIP Manager

"En mis 8 años de ventas y los 5 años en ventas de autos, yo nunca había trabajado con alguien de la cual tanto pudiera aprender y utilizar sus técnicas para tratar clientes y para cerrar negocios, como las que aprendí con el señor Elvis. No ay que ir a la universidad para aprender lo mucho que me enseno, el señor Elvis tiene mucho conocimiento y yo lo admiro mucho porque a él le gusta enseñar y le gusta compartir sus conocimientos. Todos los días aprendo más y más técnicas de ventas apenas por mirar como el cierra los negocios. El señor Elvis me ha hecho mejor vendedor, mejor cerrador y eh crecido como persona. Agradecimiento ante todo."

Juan Borrero
Sales Associate

"Elvis Rodriguez is a great person with great understanding and knowledge of the automobile sales industry. He is an excellent trainer and he greatly prepares his students and sales team to close more and more deals. Elvis is very helpful and takes his time to train and coach properly. He is passionate in whatever project he does. I can only thank Elvis for introducing me to the automobile sales industry and making me a much better auto salesperson by having his coaching and knowledge."

Robert Sejour
Sales Associate

"I know Elvis Rodriguez for more than 10 years, he is not only my mentor in the automobile industry, he is my friend. A successful man with integrity and a tremendous knowledge, always available to motivate and guide me along the way... Thank you Elvis!"

Valerie Diaz
Sales Associate

"While we will be friends for life, what I want to speak of is your impact on my life. When we met I was selling cars and doing ok for myself but you can see things in people and gave me an opportunity and a new challenge in my career. I attended your training classes and have been in your sales meeting, and while I have seen and heard many speakers and trainers in my 30+ years in sales, yours has been the most engaging and upbeat of them all. There is never a dull moment and I always learn something new. Our business is one of constant education and I'm still getting mine, so thank you Elvis! In the short time we have been friends I have gone from being an Internet Sales Man to a Floor Manager to a Pre-Owned Sales Manager and enjoying my career more than ever. I thank you, my brother, and I can't wait untill the next lesson."

Jimmy Rodriguez
Pre-Owned Sales Manager

"Elvis ha sido de gran formación para mí en este negocio de los autos, desde que me ayudó a conseguir mi primer empleo, hasta todo el entrenamiento en los pasos de ventas, técnicas de cierre y hasta mi formación personal. Elvis es una gran persona, he aprendido mucho de él y pueden estar seguro que él estará contigo en el transcurso de tu carrera; y en lo personal es una gran persona que puedes contar siempre como amigo, profesor y consejero. Le agradezco todo lo que ha echo por mí en mi carrera, gracias."

John Taveras
F&I Business Manager

"Until just recently, I have been Elvis' student for one year. I found him to be excellent in teaching me with dedication and a smile. Besides being a joy to work with, Elvis is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits of them. He has successfully developed several selling strategies for the company that has resulted in increased revenue. Elvis was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company. In addition to writing effective training modules for sales representatives, Elvis is a leadership role model in sales meetings, inspiring and motivating other employees.

I highly recommend anyone to learn from Elvis."

Marlon Jurado
Sales Associate

"Quiero agraderce al instructor de ventas Sr. Elvis Rodriguez por sus enseñanzas en el campo de ventas. Recomiendo a todas las personas que quieran tener una carrera exitosa en las ventas de automóviles o en ventas en general que hagan el curso de ventas de Fast Sales Training Center."

Eloy Petao
Sales Associate


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