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Meet Our F&I Course Director

Fast Sales Training Center proudly is taking reservation for our F&I seminar.

Our curriculum will prepare you on how to be a professional and successful Finance Business Manager.

Join us for this exciting opportunity to learn about one of the most growing career in the auto sales industry.

Our seats are limited! Join now!

What is the F&I Department?

The Finance and Insurance (F&I) Department is one of the most important and profitable departments in a car dealership. It is the department that will present the loan and warranty programs to the customers after they have agreed to buy a car.

Who is the F&I Manager?

The Finance Business Manager has a very important role because it is his/her job to secure and to make sure every vehicle sold can be delivered by securing an acceptable loan program for the customer who seeks to finance the vehicle through the dealership.

Meet David Naman, our F&I Trainer Director

David has been a very successful F&I Manager for over a decade. He knows all the ins and outs and many different programs in the Automobile Finance Department. David holds two Master Degrees and he has trained many people who today are very successful Finance Managers.

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Testimonials about David

"I met David Naman about 16 years ago when I first got hired at Al Hendrickson Toyota. I was never in the business before. I started as a salesman and soon after I got a promotion to be a Finance Manager, I was placed in the hands of David, with no experience at all. David spent a lot of his time teaching me all aspects of the business. Soon, after my training was done, I was on my own in a very high volume, fast pace store and I really feel I handled it so well do to the extensive and detailed training I received from David. Within a couple of months, I became the number one Finance Manager in that store and a year later I was promoted to be the Finance Director. Not very long after that, I became the Vice-President of the company and I hold this position for the past 13 years. I am now in charge of the entire company, averaging 800 cars sold monthly. To this day, I truly believe the training I received from David when I was fresh in this business, many years ago, had a major influence on my success today."

Craig Tasso


Al Hendrickson Toyota

"I worked with David Naman in my first F&I position at a major dealership Al Hendrickson Toyota in 2001. He trained me in the duties of an F&I manager and in menu presentation as well as bank approvals. David Naman's ability to teach me the finer points of a successful Finance Mgr. has been something I've carried with me for all these years."

James Phillips Finance Manager

Audi Fort Lauderdale


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